Learning Languages the Creative Way

Summer Camp

Hello. Hola. Namaste. Ni hao. Hallo. Bonjour.

LanguageArts has been offering language instructions for the last 15 years and we are happy to offer again our annual summer camp.

We believe that like any other creative process, language learning should be fun based so that the children come and learn with open hearts and minds. Our small groups allow the teachers to get to know each child individually and give personalized attention and care to support the children as much as possible on their way to learning a new language. Creating a positive and nurturing learning environment, where bonding between the children is encouraged, has had the children vote our summer camp their "favorite activity" of the summer.

In our Language Summer Camps games and music, park time, arts and crafts, cooking and baking play a key part, while the children are immersed in the new language. The multi-media materials used, stimulate the students in each area of language learning, with a strong focus on the conversational skill

Weekly classes run from the week of June 1. to the week of August 31., 2016 and can be booked daily, weekly or for several weeks.

In order to start a camp we need a minimum of 4 students, the maximum amount of students per class is 6. Classes run from 9am-12pm at different locations in downtown Palo Alto.The cost is $300/week or $80/day and includes either snack or lunch, depending on the program. A 10% sibling discount is given.

We are happy to talk or meet with you to answer any further questions you might have. For more information please contact Katja at LanguageArts/SprachKunst at 650.329.1731 or mail katja@languagearts.org.