Learning Languages the Creative Way


When I first came to LanguageArts, I had already been speaking and seriously studying Italian on my own since the year we got to live in Italy in 1984. we have returned there off and on many occasions over the years, but real fluency continued to elude me despite my best efforts. My Italian remained very "basic.

I came to LanguageArts to seek professional "correction and guidance" in my grammar and use of idiomatic expressions. I found a real jewel in the teacher assigned to me, Fiorenza, who was unfailingly cheerful and optimistic in our lessons, guiding me skillfully through the exceptions and idiosyncrasies I had overlooked. She always made me laugh; though it was serious study. I eagerly looked forward to seeing her every week.

I would not hesitate to recommend LanguageArts to anyone-beginner or advanced student; I have profited enormously from the time and effort I invested with her.

Grazie mille

I started taking Spanish classes at Language Arts with Jasmin in October 2009. We started with a 1h class per week but soon we increased it to 1 hour and a half. Jasmin is a great teacher, relaxed, very knowledgeable and deeply interested in the Spanish language and she is able to transfer her passion to her students as well. The classes are based on conversation and continuous practice and are tailored to match the student's specific needs so that he/she improves on the most important aspects of the language. After a single year, and without spending too much time on homework, I am able to read and enjoy Spanish literature and carry out any kind of conversation in Spanish with my wife and my parents in-law. Language Arts is a great school and makes the process of learning a foreign language a simple pleasure.


I've been a student at LanguageArts for the past several years. I'm continuously impressed by the skillful, professional, caring attention the owner and her staff offer their students. I've studied at numerous language schools and LanguageArts ranks among the best. The beautifully designed interior of the school is an added plus, it's a joy to spend time in the peaceful setting.

Laura Beaver

I have been a German student at LanguageArts for the past three years. I began studying with very little knowledge of the language and now can read, write and converse confidently in German. I find the teachers to be knowledgeable, caring and professional. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the classes are small and relaxed. I highly recommend the school to anyone interested in learning a new language.

Noreen Gauvin

I am a long time student of LanguageArts. Not only have I developed an advanced command of my language of interest, but I have also obtained a deep appreciation for its home culture and history. The teachers at LanguageArts are thoughtful, professional, and personal. The school is pleasant and intimate. This is not a fluorescent-lights classroom setting, but a relaxing, fun, and mentally stimulating learning environment.

Randy Harrison

The individualized setting LanguageArts provides has made learning German fun and effective. As a result of my weekly classes I feel much more confident in using German in real-life situations. There are always pportunities to practice the four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. As a high school teacher of languages I know this is the way to go.

Welton Kwong

My daughter loves her German class each week. I'm amazed how much she has learned in her first year learning with Katja. She now reads and writes and enjoys learning German. The amount of home work is reasonable and keeps learning the language fun. Katja is very flexible and her classes are well organized. She works with the parents on the level of achievements and adjusts her classes and schedule accordingly. Thank you, for an excellent experience.


My daughter has been taking the German Sprachmobil-Class at Language Arts since last Fall, and I highly recommend the classes. The classes are very small so each child gets lots of individual attention, and the instructors use a fun yet effective approach. When my daughter started taking Kindergarten-level classes last Fall, she could not read or write in German, and only six months later she is now able to read German books for beginning readers on her own. The instructors are always extremely well prepared, and keep the classes interesting and interactive, and classes are tailored towards the students' level of proficiency. I have been very impressed with the progress my daughter has made in such a short amount of time while having fun at the same time.

Julie H.

Our two kids, 6 and 8 years old, have been attending Language Arts afternoon classes in German for about a year. We speak German at home but would like for them to be able to read and write it as well. Their teacher Katja finds a great balance between academics and fun, engaging them with different activities even after a long day at school. Our 8-year old is now reading books in German and started to write letters to her family in German. We are thrilled with the progress both children have made at Language Arts.

Harry & Eva W.